Top Audit Firms In India For Financial Statement Review Services

A financial statement review is a necessary process carried out by business organizations to ensure the accuracy of financial records. It also assists in data-driven decision-making that helps businesses manage their finances better. In addition, external shareholders are usually interested in the financial statement review documents to evaluate the overall economic well-being of an organization. A team of accountants conducts the financial statement review process. 

Most people often fail to differentiate the financial statement review process from auditing. The latter takes a broader approach, and the former has a narrower take. Hiring the top audit firm in India is critical to ensure that the audit is carried out seamlessly. Let’s take a quick look into the benefits of conducting a financial statement review.

Important of the financial statement review process 

The financial statement review process plays a crucial role in helping businesses comply with the applicable laws and regulations. It provides different stakeholders with insightful information regarding a company’s performance that can influence their investment decisions. A positive financial statement review can help businesses attract more investment from interested parties. In addition, accurate and timely analysis of critical financial statements can help companies avoid future losses. 

  1. AKM Global

AKM Global was established in 1981 and has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is one of the oldest and most reputed CA firms in India. It takes a holistic approach to deliver finance and tax-related services to clients in India and abroad. It employs over 100 in-house legal and financial experts to provide quality services. The most prominent services offered by this exemplary accounting firm include taxation, audit & assurance, compliance, valuations, M&As, etc. It is undoubtedly one of the best firms for conducting financial statement reviews. 

  1. S.S. Kothari Mehta & Co.

S.S. Kothari Mehta & Co. is yet another popular Indian CA firm known for being among the oldest and most reputed in the accounting domain. Headquartered in New Delhi, the S.S. Kothari Mehta & Co. was started in 1953. It has its presence in all leading Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chandigarh. It employs over 500 talented accounting, business and tax professionals to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele. 

  1. Nangia & Co.

Founded in 1984, Nangia & Co. boasts of over 35 years of experience in the accounting and financial services domain. It provides a wide range of business services, including transfer pricing, international tax, direct & indirect tax, risk consulting, audit & assurance, etc. It also offers financial statement review services for diverse business segments. 

  1. AKGVG & Associates 

AKGVG & Associates is an Indian CA firm established in the year 2000. It is now a leading player in the Indian accounting and financial services domain. It employs over 250 professionals to deliver various services, including accounting, taxation, auditing, advisory, etc. It also offers financial statement review services to its clients. 

Final words 

It is crucial to choose a financial service provider after meticulous research and planning. These were the top Indian accounting firms for financial statement review services that you can trust for quality output and other services.