Is Your Spine Health At Stake After Covid Infection?

Several patients have experienced various spine issues exacerbated by the post-COVID consequences. The spine contains a network of nerves that connect different body parts to the brain. The spinal cord serves as a framework for the body, allowing for movement and posture. Even a minor spinal condition can severely limit the range of motion throughout the body. After a back injury, long-term pain and limited mobility are commonly seen. Other factors, such as poor lifestyle choices, can also contribute to spinal disorders.

Tips to avoid spinal issues

  • Maintaining a comfortable seating posture is crucial; it includes keeping the back straight and not arching forward.
  • There must be no deviation from the horizontal arm posture.
  • Keep the laptop or computer in a position so that the head can be positioned at an appropriate level.
  • One should keep the shoulders close to their body and bent at a 90-120 degree angle.
  • A footrest can be used if the desk height cannot be adjusted to accommodate the feet.
  • At all times, the hips and thighs must be parallel to the floor.
  • The height of the knees and the hips should be the same.
  • A relaxed and comfortable posture while at a desk job is important for spine health. If one heeds the advice, they will be less likely to experience back pain and other bone health issues.¬†
  • Eat healthily, and maintain a regular sleep cycle.
  • Add regular workouts and meditation to the daily routine.

What if the problem persists?

While experiencing any spinal issue, a patient must seek medical attention. Using pain-relieving balms and ointments without a prescription may increase the risk rather than reduce it. These aches and pains could be the beginnings of several spinal conditions, including arthritis. Early-stage testing reduces the possibility of future hazards. Contact Nanavati Max Hospital, one of the best hospitals for spine surgery in India, for any further assistance.