Strategic Psychology – Kamia

Kamia Harris is a psychologist with extensive experience in both private and public sectors. Her areas of expertise span counselling, assessment, mental health intervention, critical incident support/psychological first aid and organisational training. Additionally, she has an avid interest in neuroscience research and positive psychology; currently based in Canberra, Australia. Psychologist in Canberra Psychologists are experts … Read more

Why Dental Restoration is Important for Tooth Decay

Dental Restoration

Dental restoration will be the best cure if you are conscious about your oral health and have been suffering from dental damage for a long time. Many scientists have approved how significant restorative dental care is for health improvement. Improves Confidence Dental restoration gives you improved oral health. But one of the motivating factors is … Read more

How do I conduct a Market Analysis (Conduct a Healthcare Market Analysis)?

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Healthcare market analysis includes the research and evaluation of data to determine the financial stability and growth prospects of the healthcare industry. It does this by identifying sources of revenue and competition. Another term for healthcare market analysis is healthcare environment analysis. In business, a company’s environment is one that includes customers, competitors, and medical … Read more

5 Practical Tips on Preventing Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Many factors can influence the risk of getting breast cancer. Women are vulnerable to breast cancer, and they should take precautions in their everyday life by avoiding any factor that causes a risk of breast cancer. The reasons for developing breast cancer can be different. Family history or aging are some of the dominant factors … Read more

Psychedelic Therapy Ann Arbor

Have you ever wondered why people seem eager to experience a mind-expanding drug like LSD or magic mushrooms? You may be surprised to learn that the reason for this phenomenon has a lot to do with biology. Researchers have found that people who undergo psychedelic drugs experience much higher levels of dopamine and serotonin in … Read more

4 Common Types of Dental Procedures Out There


When it comes to dental care, most of us are familiar with the basics, like brushing and flossing, regular checkups, and the occasional filling. But did you know there are other types of dental procedures you may not be aware of that can help keep your smile healthy?  In this blog post, we’ll explore four … Read more

5 Major Reasons Why You Should Get Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Like physical health, good mental health and well-being are necessary to maintain optimal performance, happiness, and quality of life. But mental health isn’t as accessible as physical health, which can be checked at any hospital. Although people have started putting a lot more thought into mental well-being, it’s not easy for everyone to get the … Read more

Kaiser Rolls: 4 Ways To Transform

Kaiser Rolls

Purchasing freshly made bread and other items from your local bakery is a nice experience. Aside from receiving baked products that taste and look professional, it might be pleasant to support local businesses.  If you’re looking for suggestions for what to get from your local bakery, you should get some kaiser rolls. These rolls or … Read more

Cat Cleaning Wipes Advantages and Disadvantages

Cat cleaning Wipes

Cats are very clean animals but shed hair and dirt throughout the day. While some people think bathing too frequently could cause health problems, others argue that regular baths keep pets healthy and happy. However, different factors determine whether or not a pet needs to be bathed regularly. Cat cleaning Wipes and Pet wipes for … Read more

Benefits Of Virtual Reality Therapy for Mental Counseling


Mental illnesses have been increasing in the past few years, and since then, mental counseling has come a long way. With the advent of new technologies, counselors and therapists now have a range of tools at their disposal to help their patients.  One of the most promising new technologies is virtual reality therapy. Virtual reality … Read more