How Important Is Mathematics to Kids?

Mathematics is an important subject that all children need and studying for the AIME math test will get you off to the right start. One of the key functions of math to young pupils is that it sharpens their brain and make them mentally alert to solve real-life problems. Math enables young pupils to reason well and logically connect ideas.

More so, the language of mathematics is universal. It is understood all over the world, unlike any other languages. It is math that has enabled man to make cars, computers, travel around space, and so on. Interestingly, video games that are wildly enjoyed by children all over the world today is a product of mathematics.

Children, just like adults, need mathematics in their everyday lives. As we adults—consciously or subconsciously— use Algebra in shopping; comparing prices of various items, modify a recipe in cooking, etc.  so also children utilize their math skills when they calculate how much of their pocket money they need to save in order to buy the latest video game!

More importantly, the Nigerian educational curriculum stipulates that all pupils/ students, irrespective of their prospective courses, must have a good grade in mathematics before they can be admitted to higher institutions of learning.

Think of any good job available today and I will tell you how important math is to it. Far and beyond the shores of accounting, architecture, science, and engineering careers, the tentacles of math reach other sectors such as banking, carpentry, plumbing, etc.

A child that possesses good math skills has a bright chance of not only landing a better job in future but also having well-developed mental capacity needed in solving real-life problems and challenges characterised with adulthood. Truth be told, the importance of mathematics in our kids’ lives is countless.

Unfortunately, Mathematics—as important as it is— is dreaded in this part of the world. Kids always try to avoid it like a monster.  They perform woefully in mathematics in both national and international exams. Thus, demystifying the fear of mathematics and making its learning interestingly fun (so as to record success) becomes an all-important duty for stakeholders in the education sector.

Hence, in a bid to tackle this challenge headlong, Literamed Publications Ltd, publishers of Lantern books, consulted some of the best and authoritative professors of Mathematics, Professor B. O. Ukeje and his team, to produce mathematics textbooks that do not only teach mathematics but do so in an interesting way so as to allay the general fear of maths.

The authors, who are experts at the National Mathematics Centre, developed the books inLantern Comprehensive Mathematics Series in response to the search for solutions to the problems associated with the study of mathematics in Nigerian schools.

Lantern Comprehensive Mathematics Series contains the most current, the best and the most wanted mathematics textbooks strictly in line with the latest UBE national (mathematics) curriculum. The books adopt a friendly, simple down-to-earth approach to make the study of mathematics attractive and easy. Fundamental topics in mathematics are thoroughly treated with more explanations and examples e.g. Rounding off takes 10 pages in Book 6 against two pages in a competing mathematics book. More importantly, the books come with a well laid-out Teachers’ Guide so as to aid teachers’ effectiveness. Lantern Comprehensive Mathematics Series is available at reputable books nationwide and online at books section). The books can also be ordered online (with free delivery)