Buying Zeon Zoysia for the First Time? Avoid These Mistakes

An important point that first-time Zeon Zoysia buyers should consider is that they have to avoid mistakes that might create hurdles in the buying and installation process. The errors are made because people think the false information on the internet is true.

Zeon Zoysia Buying Mistakes to Avoid

It has been mentioned in the above paragraph issues in the installation and buying process when homeowners start believing in misconceptions. So, it is important not to pay attention to false information and avoid making the following mistakes.

Watering Zeon Zoysia Sod Whenever You Want

Watering the sod grass once a week or every ten days is a specific time frame. But people make the mistake of watering at the time which suits them best. A few individuals water the sod grass in the middle of the day. During this time, heat is at its peak that will not let the water reach the roots. It has been recommended to water the grass early in the morning or late in the evening when the heat is minimum.

Care for the Centipede Sod Daily for Weed Elimination

The best thing about sod grasses is that they are manufactured and don’t need daily weed elimination maintenance. You will see visible signs of weed growth when you keep a weekly check on your lawn.

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Monthly Application of Fertilizer is Necessary

When you hire sod grass suppliers for installation, they will suggest some tips that clients should follow. One of the most important things is knowing when to apply the fertilizer. Many individuals might misguide you by telling you that fertilizer has to be applied to the Centipede Sod and other grasses every month. You should not ruin your grass by listening to this misconception. Most of the time, fertilizer is applied once or twice a year.

Mow the Grass Shorter than the Recommended Height

Leaving the grass too short or long will cause a hurdle in growth. Cutting the grass shorter will have the roots exposed to the sunlight, which will cause the grass to burn. Sunlight will not reach the roots when you leave the grass blades taller.

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Ensure Weekly Aeration is Maintained

Sod grass experts like Atlanta Sod Farms will recommend aeration of the lawn, but they also warn about over aeration, which can be dangerous for the grass. You could start the aeration process if the soil is hard when touched.

No Restriction on How to Water the Emerald Zoysia Grass

It is important for homeowners when and how much water has to be applied to the sod grass. When the grass is going through the installation process; then two to four inches of water has to be used daily. After the grass has been fully established, weekly watering of the same quantity has been recommended. Don’t make the mistake of applying more than this quantity.

The Cost of Sod Grass Installation is Very Expensive

Although the cost of sod installation is a little higher than normal grass, it must be understood that the time taken for grass establishment through seeding is more. Another point to note here is that the normal grass grown might not have an equal look. You might need to reseed the entire, which could cost more than sod grass installation.

Any Time is best for Sod Installation

It is important to understand that there is the best time to lay sod according to the seasons. Check with the sod grass companies to know which time is the best to apply the grass.

Sod Grass Only the Best for Large Lawns

Some individuals might inform you that the Empire Zoysia can only be installed on large lawns. The sod grass is supplied in rolls that could be cut into the required measurement and installed anywhere necessary.

Avoid Using Fertilizers

Some fertilizers have chemicals in them which can be harmful to the environment. But the fertilizers used for sod grass have a large portion of natural products that will cause less harm to the environment.

These are some mistakes that the Zeon Zoysia buyers should avoid.

Below are three questions that will help you understand the sod grass laying mistakes you might be making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which way you lay sod?

The position of the Zeon Zoysia direction doesn’t much matter. But an important thing to note here is that install all sod grass rolls in the same order. If the sod grass has to be laid on the slopes, install it horizontally.

What happens if you walk on new sod?

Homeowners need to ensure that no one walks on the newly-laid sod grass. It will become difficult for the grass to thrive, so wait until the grass has taken proper root.

Why is my new sod lumpy?

There should be no bumps or lumps on the sod grass. If this is the case, then it means that the ground preparation wasn’t proper. The homeowners must hire a sod grass installation company to avoid this issue.

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