Four Tips for a Successful Online Art Print Purchase

Look for a reliable dealer.

Finding a reputable platform like Canvas Direct is the first piece of advice on how to purchase Framed prints online. Ask for referrals from friends, check online reviews, and confirm that the company has been there for a while and works ethically. Take your time, and consider your options. Look for websites that allow you to search and explore by categories like style, artist, price, size, colour, theme, and even technique if you have a specific artist or piece in mind.

Recognize the various print types.

The second piece of advice on how to purchase Framed prints online relates to your capacity to recognise the many kinds of prints available.

·         Unique artwork is typically the most costly art print to buy. These original handmade works of art, which can be paintings, woodcuts, etchings, engravings, screen prints, lithographs, serigraphs, or linoleum cuts, are not replicas. Due to the limited run’s numbered production and the materials’ cyclical wear and tear. It’s common to refer to the initial print in a series as an artist’s proof. The majority of such print runs are under 200. A series of prints with a lower print run is referred to as “limited edition reproductions” and increase the exclusivity of the image. Each print must have a certificate or other assurance that no other reproductions of the image will be created, as well as be signed and numbered in pencil.

·         Typically, reproductions are far less expensive than genuine works of art. A series of prints in the form of posters that can be made in any quantity is referred to as an “open edition reproduction.” The image may also be replicated on mugs or plates. The dealer may occasionally use digital print-on-demand technology, in which case the quantity of photos produced is decided based on market demand. Use Google to search for “purchasing art prints online” if you’re interested in limited edition original paintings. The outcomes are outstanding!

 Inspect the print quality and condition

The item’s condition and quality are the subjects of the following advice on how to acquire art prints online (even more so, if you intend to purchase an antique print).

Guard your financial commitment

The last piece of advice on how to acquire art prints online explains how to save your acquisition for years to come. The best way to save your investment is to have it professionally preserved utilising preservation techniques (also known as conservation or archival framing).

The several types of glazes that can be applied, each of which offers varying degrees of UV protection, are most important for shielding the picture. Select a product with the highest level of UV protection if there is even a remote chance that your print may be exposed to light. There are numerous possibilities, ranging from complete lack of protection to blocking 98% of UV rays. Of course, the cost will increase as the level of security does.

If you plan to purchase your art print online, make sure that it will be shipped in the appropriate packing; for posters, a robust cardboard tube will work.