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Eddy Nini

Since 2010, we’ve been interviewing experts in the music business to uncover the details of their careers. The juicy bits. We do this to help give you a deep understanding of what each music career is, how much money you can make, how to get started, and more. Sites such as Wikipedia, Entrepreneur, Medium, wikiHow, … Read more

Artist On The Watch: Super Luigi

American songwriter, video producer, screenplay creator & International recording artist Jeffrey Luigi Saint Louis, professionally known as “Super Luigi” or“Super Lu” for short, hit the scene in 2016 after being aired on one of New York City’s biggest radio station “Z100” (this segment can be found on iHeart radio – Nov 18, 2016). Prior to … Read more

Artist Breakthrough: Teezy Simmons

Teezy Simmons began his music career at a very young age, while living under poverty in El Paso, Texas. Due to circumstances Teezys environment was revolved around gang violence and drug dealers, but always knew there was a better life out there for him. Rather than following into the footsteps of the life style that … Read more

Modafinil: Is it the Closest Thing to The “Boundless Pill”?

Modafinil: Is it the Closest Thing to The "Boundless Pill"?

For what reason is Modafinil Known as the Limitless Pill? We have all watched and adored the film Limitless. We generally get cleared off over feet with a decent poverty to newfound wealth story. Boundless offers us exciting diversion. All the more critically, it offers us trust, that indeed, there’s an easy route to progress. … Read more

Rico Suarez – An Embodiment of Effective Self-Discovery, Assurance and Benevolence

Accepting there is nothing of the sort as flawlessness and there is no mysterious recipe to significance, Rico Suarez, a Latin-American, is in the real meaning of the mixes of unfailing expectation, self-assurance, and self-inspiration. With a huge change in the profession from needing to be a clinical specialist, a burning aspiration particular to a … Read more

Top 12 flowers that have the longest-lasting fragrance


Flowers are awe-inspiring natural energy with a one-of-a-kind aroma across the planet.  Holding a single flower in one’s hand can help individuals relax and relieve tension without the need for medications. Furthermore, these flowers help birds and flies in relaxing with their source, and their attractiveness gives your yard a pleasing appearance. The aromatic floral … Read more