Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Sun Salutation

Sun is the universal giver of life. It is the Sun that controls our body cycles. There are many ancient discoveries that point to the practice of Sun worship in many ancient cultures. But, do you know the correct technique to pay respect to the Sun? The ancient art of yoga does.

Sun Salutations, also known as Surya Namaskar is a traditional yoga practice. It comprises of 12 poses in which you flow from one yoga pose to the next. But, there is much more to this ancient yogic practice.

Read further to know everything about Surya Namaskar.

Surya Namaskar – A Brief Introduction

Sun Salutation is a part of yoga warm up. It is a major component of Vinyasa yoga style. There are three variations of this yogic technique. These is Sun Salutation A, B, and C yoga sequence. Sun Salutation A is the most traditional and practiced yoga sequence.

Sun Salutation A has advanced and beginner yoga poses. For now we will focus on the beginner version of this powerful yogic practice.

Do you want to know the best time to practice Sun Salutation? Keep reading to find out.

What is the Best Time to Practice Sun Salutation?

The best time to practice Sun Salutation is sunrise. The traditional meaning of Sun Salutation is Sun Offering.

Do you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to practice during morning? No worries! You can practice Surya Namaskar in evening also.

But, for you to practice Sun Salutation for beginners in the correct way there are a few tips. Yoga experts have come up with a few.

Sun Salutation Practice Tips for Beginners

Given below are some tips to help you kickstart a Sun Salutation practice.

1. Print the Schedule

During the beginning it is hard to memorize the entire sequence, especially as a beginner. No one wants to do one pose then look up Google to remember the next. Printing out the schedule gives you something handy to keep during the practice. Join a certified yoga school to learn Sun Salutation from guidance of experienced yoga teachers.

2. Practice

If you practice Sun Salutation without any yoga buddy then there is a smart way to do it. Practice in front of a mirror. This gives you an idea about how correct your body alignment is. You need to be attentive towards how you practice this yoga sequence. It is the best way for you to learn sun salutation for beginners without any hassle.

3. Go Slow

Yoga is not a competitive sport. You do not win a medal for practicing a yoga asana in the correct way. Thus, do not try to practice Sun Salutation at breakneck speed. Go slow and practice at a pace that is comfortable for you.

4. Focus on Breathing

Like other flowing yoga sequences, these beginner yoga stretches require proper breathing. Every pose in Sun Salutation has to have deep inhale and exhale of your breath. Yoga experts recommend you focus on proper breathing when practicing this yoga technique.

5. Do Not Run After Perfection

Do not try to do every yoga pose in Sun Salutation to perfection. This never works and will only leave you feeling disappointed. Remember – the more you practice, the better the results. But do not run after perfection in yoga practice.

Besides these there are a few tips you should follow to prepare for Sun Salutation.

Preparation Tips for Sun Salutation

Given below are 3 tips to help you prepare for sun salutation for beginners.

1. Practice on Empty Stomach

The first thing you should do when practicing Sun Salutation in morning is do it on an empty stomach. Doing Surya Namaskar on a full stomach makes you feel dizzy and not so ready for the practice.

2. Set An Intention

Do you know that energy always flows where the mind focuses on? A simple thing you can do before Sun Salutation practice is to set a positive intention. Doing so gives a great start to your day and this beginner yoga stretches practice.

3. Go With the Flow

During the start you might feel confused and overwhelmed when practicing Surya Namaskar. Do not be hard on yourself but keep practicing to get better at the sequence. Join a certified yoga school to learn the best way to practice Sun Salutation.


The is a great yogic technique to kickstart your day on a positive note. Join a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school to learn this powerful yoga sequence under guidance of experienced yoga teachers.

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