Tips For Taking care of Photographs

 Simply put, family photographs are treasured possessions. Since technology encapsulated our memories just a few years earlier, our elders and ancestors were away from this. Thus, preserving and organizing family photos is important. Here, we will mention top tips to take care of them:

  • Handle Photos With Clean Hands

Never handle an old photograph with wet hands. You’ll ruin the texture instantly. Especially if it is too old, you’ll damage it. Worst of all, you will fail to put all the pieces together. It’s important to prevent physical damage to the photographs. Thus, we recommend you clean your hands before handling them. Sanitize your hands well before picking them up. 

  • Reduce Exposure to light

Too much exposure to sunlight will affect the pixels on your photos. Unless you hand them over to professionals for photography restoration, don’t take them in the sun. UV rays damage photographs easily. Older photographs cannot withstand the brutal rays of the sun. Even if you have spilled something on them, it’s best to let them dry under the fan. Don’t immediately take them out in the sun. 

  • Store photo in Album

Albums have always been beneficial for storing old photos. Albums help lower the environmental damage. Plus, also help in keeping the photos organized. Today, modern photo albums are customized. You can even get velvet albums for yourself. They’ll help you save your photos in the long run. Get a customized photo album prepared for your memories. You can use it for years to save the old pictures. 

  • Store Photographs in Folders

It’s always a good idea to secure photos timely. Ideally, it’s best to use chemically stable plastic. Or, you can even use paper enclosures. They are free from acids, Sulfur, and peroxides. Thus, protecting a photo from mold, dust, and insects. Securing folders is a good way to avoid strangers touching them. Your memories shouldn’t be accessible to outsiders. 

  • Don’t have Food or Drinks Around Them

When you go through old photos, you despise having food around them. Plus, avoid having a drink around them. You might spill your juice on the pictures. Spillages cause irreparable damages. So we recommend you avoid drinking and eating around them. Instead, you should view photos when you’re alone. Don’t have kids around, otherwise, they’ll tear them apart. 

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  • Use Pens to Mark Photos

If you want to label photos, it’s best to use an HB pencil. You can even use a good quality pen for these reasons. Sometimes, we tend to divide memories. This can easily be done with the use of an HB pencil. You don’t have to use a dark-colored pen. Despise using an ink pen, as it will be damaging for the photograph. 

  • Repair Tears Wisely

Use a good quality adhesive to do minor repairs. The adhesive will chemically attach the photograph. But it might stain the image. Thus, causing the original colors to get affected. Check with a  specialist to learn about repairing your photograph. Don’t ask somebody else to do this for you. Some tasks are better done when you focus on them yourself. 

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