Few Tips and Tricks for Better Gaming Performance

No matter how premium functions your Laptop or PC is equipped with you can still face performance issues. These issues can interrupt your gaming and also lead to games not loading on your device. The article mentions some tips and tricks to have better gaming performance on your Windows 10, 11, or other operating systems devices. 

Before you try these tips check for any pending updates on your drivers. Download and update graphic card drivers to have better communication with your operating system. The updated drivers can be automatically downloaded from the website or by using an automated driver updater tool. The automatic method is preferable as it requires minimal effort and performs all the updates in no time. Also, these tools can help and improve the performance of your PC which can further lead to an improved gaming experience. 

Refer to the tips below and use them to play your favorite set of games without any issues. 

Tips for Better Gaming Performance

Optimize the gaming setup on your PC or Laptop with the help of the following tips. 

Tip 1: Clean your Laptop or PC 

Cleaning your laptop hardly requires any technical skills but can do wonders for the performance of your PC. The dust stored on your hardware can block the vents and hamper the working. Clean your keyboard or remotes used for gaming regularly. Avoid sticky or dirty keys. Also, clean the desktop screen often to avoid the gatherings of dust particles. 

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Tip 2: Update Drivers

No matter what your operating system is Windows, macOS, or even Linux, all of them will require compatible drivers to communicate with multiple devices. Updating drivers can be a complicated process for newbies or non-technical users. However, this can be simplified by downloading a driver updater tool. These tools can automatically update all the drivers with just a click. Moreover, the tool also optimizes the performance of your PC and enables you to have uninterrupted gaming. 

Tip 3: Update Power Settings 

You can improve the performance of your device by adjusting the power settings. The Windows OS enables users to have detailed options for power management. Use the following instructions to update the settings and optimize gaming on your device. 

Step 1: Open the Settings app from Start menu. 

Step 2: Click on System and find Power & sleep. Click on the Additional power settings option present under it. 

Step 3: Choose the High performance option. 

Step 4: Select the option ‘Change plan settings’ and then ‘Change advanced power settings’

Step 5: Update and set the settings to their optimum levels. 

For some laptops, the power settings are managed automatically, in that case, avoid the power settings set to less than optimum power. 

Tip 4: Switch on the Windows Game Mode

The Windows 10 and later version devices are equipped with an application Xbox. This app allows streaming, game modes, and screen recording functions. When enabled the game mode can optimize your laptop or PC for gaming. 

Here are the steps to turn on the Game Mode on your Windows 10 or above version devices. 

Step 1: Open the Settings app with the help of Windows and I shortcut keys.

Step 2: Click on the Gaming option and then Xbox Game Bar. 

Step 3: Move to ‘On IMAGE’ and expand the Game mode option from the left panel. 

Step 4: Switch on the Game Mode and close the window to finish. 

Now simply click on Windows and G keys to view Xbox panel. If any box is prompted, check the option that reads Yes, this is a game box. 

Once the Game Mode is enabled some tasks running in the background will be closed to run the games with highly optimized settings. 

Tip 5: Update Steam Client

The systems for digital delivery push updates for improved performance. Also while you play one game using this client another game continues to update in the background. Therefore, turn off these automatic updates while you play games with the help of the following steps.

Step 1: Open your Steam client. 

Step 2: Click on Steam and then expand Settings. 

Step 3: Navigate to Downloads and uncheck the checkbox that reads ‘Allow downloads during gameplay’. 

To apply the changes click on OK at the bottom right of the Steam client’s settings window. 

To customize rules of update for a particular game using the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Click right on the Steam library.

Step 2: Choose the Properties option and click on Updates. 

Step 3: Select your preferences from the dropdown list under the Automatic updates and Background downloads section. 

Tip 6: Close the Background Apps

Before you run a game make sure the apps running in the background are minimal. The additional background apps can eat up your processor and end up decreasing the speed of your PC. Close the unnecessary apps or programs running on your system tray. Right-click on each of these programs and click on the close window.

Tip 7: Check the Speed of Internet

For gamers playing games online must check their network connection for the proper speed and performance of your network. Lags can lead to troublesome gaming. Also, check your network drivers and update them if required. Use LAN cable connections for high-speed internet.  

Tip 8: Upgrade your Hardware

Switch to an external keyboard, mouse, or other device to have an enhanced gaming experience. Also, increase the RAM of your device or switch to SSD storage to considerably improve the gaming speed on your device. Edit or Update the battery settings on your device to their optimum levels.

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Closing Lines:

We have summed up the best gaming tips for you in the above article. These tips can help you fine-tune the existing and new games on your device. Make sure your Windows PC or laptop is equipped with the updated graphics card driver. These drivers will help in maintaining a proper communication with your operating system. Automatically update the Graphics card driver by using driver updater software. 

We are sure that the above tips have helped you achieve improved game performance. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more tips and tricks related to different technologies. Drop your Feedback in the section of comments.