The Reasons Pop Culture Should Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy in 2022

If there’s a popular moment in culture and social media content is a follow-up.

A lot of it.

Bernie Sander’s mittens. Julia Fox’s “uncahhhh jams.” Bennifer’s legendary reunion. Drake’s Certified Lover Boy. Tinder Swindler’s adversaries.

Even the most insignificant popular moment in pop culture Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia can cause an online landslide.

In 2022, it’s not just the fan pages and meme accounts that harness this powerhouse of pop culture. These are businesses and brands of all sizes, across all sectors.

The pop-culture party is underway as is the famous Kardashian Christmas party the guests’ list has no limitations.

Even the most surprising brands are increasing the volume.

Like language-learning app Duolingo, for example.

Who could have imagined an approach to content that would result in an offer to pop star Dua Lipa?

Most likely not However, here we are.

Finding the perfect balance for your plan requires an amount of understanding and expertise as there isn’t a universally-fit-all solution.

If you can put the right spin, nearly any company can incorporate popular culture on their media. Here are six options to begin:

Tactic #1: Use Pictures or videos to create the Meme

Popular culture-related memes have been an ongoing social media phenomenon. They’re not without reason.

They’re shareable, relatable, and are the ideal format to test and introduce pop culture-related content to your target audience.

If you’re not sure where to approach the latest pop culture trend Think about what your target audience is likely to love — or prefers to hate, ideally with respect to your field or area of expertise.

For instance, at Later the audience we have of social media editors and creators have a common dislike for the idea of changing their calendars of content.

The pain point, when paired together with the Mary J. Blige’s Superbowl signature = the perfect spot for a meme.

Don’t forget that memes don’t need to be complicated. Sometimes, the simplest memes are the most effective.

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Tactic #2: Utilize the latest music to create Reel or TikTok

Utilizing popular soundbites to enhance videos is a low-effort high-reward method.

The great thing of this strategy is that there’s always clips from the most popular films and TV shows that you can choose from.

By scrolling or two on TikTok or Reels You’ll discover video clips that have gone viral of Legally Blonde and Love Island to the latest music from Pixar’s best and most popular films.

It’s possible of using the audio and add your personal spin on it to ensure it’s in line with your brand.

If you don’t have the time to search for the latest music, you can check out Today’s TikTok or Instagram Reels trend recaps. We update them weekly with fresh fashions every week.

Technique #3: Create the Roundup of Reactions

Gathering reactions to pop culture-related events is a traditional method.

Think of: Super Bowl commercials, Real Housewives as well as Oscar nominations.

You can also tweet your personal thoughts in the form of a Twitter thread, share your thoughts via Instagram in your Instagram Story, or collect Instagram posts into an Instagram Carousel or Guidepost. The fourth tactic is to

4: share your View in a Tweet Treatment

Posting a Tweet on the grid on your Instagram grid is a simple method to be part of an upcoming pop-culture moment.

Find out how brands such as Girlboss and MONDAY Later all employ this strategy:

And the best part is that this strategy is able to apply to any aesthetic of a brand.

Unrelated Instagram feed? Don’t worry about it.

With the Tweet treatment, you can modify the style and appearance to match your feed.

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5. Add a Bit of Pop Culture Lingo to Your Captions

Making a reference to pop culture within your captions is a clever way to inject some pop culture into your posts.

Think about which pop culture terms is most appealing to your target audience.

It could be as easy as adding a catchy phrase or even putting a twist on words. A good pun can go a long way.

Be aware of the following be cautious with regard to your brand’s voice. Don’t sacrifice your soul for the sake of a pop culture showing an event that is unnatural or inauthentic then let it be a part of the drafts.

Tactic #6: Livestream and share your comments

Going live during a major popular moment in pop culture (such as The Oscars or The Bachelorette finale) is a fantastic way to broadcast your thoughts and interact with your audience live in real-time.

If displaying yourself and posting Live via Instagram isn’t your style try live-tweeting. move like Pringles in the 2022 Superbowl:

This method might not be the ideal option for every brand, but when it does it is a sure-fire way to succeed.

Finally, be sure to take the time to read the room.

Not every single popular culture event has to be or should be transformed into content for social media.

There’s never a perfect time or location for your brand to be involved.

If you’re doing it right using a reference to pop culture in your marketing media strategy indicates your brand is agile and adaptable. You’re also at the forefront of the latest trends.

According to a Magna Global study, “being active in the world of culture is almost as crucial as having a positive perception of your brand.”

Try these strategies and observe how your audience responds buymalaysianfollowers to pop culture-related content. This could be a huge success for your brand.