Renovate Your Home with Innovative Ideas

A lush bedroom or a kitchen just like a professional chef’s, a living room spacious enough for family get-togethers are tiny dreams we all cherish. When the time comes to change things, we often back out thinking too much about the cost. But it doesn’t have to be an overhauling change. Petite changes here and there can uplift the feel of your rooms. HardHat Renovation Guys have innovative ideas for home renovation ideas for interiors and exteriors. Some of them are pretty pocket-friendly, only if you know where and what to do.

Innovative Ideas to Remodel Your Home

If you wish to have all within a budget, then be open to innovative ideas. A little texture change here or a slight remodelling there can do wonders instead of a complete makeover. Only you have to know what to do exactly. Here are some old home renovation ideas that can help you get close to your dream home in a budget-friendly way.

Living Room

This is the first place that your guests would notice in your home – you would spend a lot of time here watching your favourite spot or a mood-lifting film with your loved ones. If it is a party, then people would gather here to have lively conversations. You would surely feel joyous if they shower the living room with compliments. After all, who doesn’t like to hear good things about their home?

1. Build Some Shelves

Shelves are always a great way to enhance the look of a room. With tasteful trimming and framing, these shelves can look more attractive and expensive. You can always buy DIY products that would curb the end price by a great margin. This house remodelling idea for small homes can bring in a lot of stuff in one place and yet, put them on display with a good taste.

2. Display Collectibles

Next time you go to the flea market or travel to some cities, don’t forget to buy collectibles. A mask with an African feel, a little colourful puppet, vibrant relics, or curios can always change the look of the room. Just, while putting them on display keep colour, subject and shape in mind. These collectibles would bear your taste and put forward the person you are. With this old home renovation idea, you can add a cheerful look to your living room.

3. Use Layer Rugs

Rugs can change the look of the floor. If your furniture sits atop rugs, then the outline of it gets a highlight. Smaller rugs can be used for areas where you can have small chit-chats with your buddies. Such rugs are extremely affordable and can be incorporated into your home remodelling floor plans.


Old home renovation ideas are incomplete without a proper strategy for your bedroom. This is the room where you would sleep and spend most of your private moments. The room has to be decorated accordingly so that the sleep comes with sweet dreams and make you feel rejuvenated every morning.

1. Light up Your Bedside

You can always buy a small table lamp to put it on your bedside table. These lamps are inexpensive and come in handy at times. Small bedside lamps are cosy, and with the right kind of shades, they can make your bedroom look comfortable and reflect the lifestyle you have adopted.

2. Headboard to Give Heads up

Often understated, but a headboard of classy design that goes in sync with the decor of the bedroom can enhance the rooms appeal. This old home renovation idea is a gem in itself. If you have time, you can always design it yourself. Sleek designs are always available in stores.

3. Add a Storage Place in Your Bed

The bed takes a lot of space in the bedroom. But if you can add storage units in it, it can do good by hiding a lot of rarely used stuff. Take time and design accordingly to optimise the functionality of your bed. Especially as a house remodelling idea for small homes, this can save a lot of space.


This nook in the house dishes out delectables to family members and guests. We all know the importance of a hearty meal as it can lift spirits high. That is why the chef’s corner should be decorated accordingly. Right from your home kitchen colour to shelving units and the dining area, everything must be planned properly.

1. Place Drawers Under the Sink

Mostly unused space, but the place under the sink can come handy if you create drawers there. As a house remodelling idea for small homes, these drawers can garner accolades. It would be an ideal spot to keep essentials and drawers will make it easier for you to find stuff there.

2. Spice up with Colors

Your home kitchen colour ideas can go either classy or bold. A few vibrant brush strokes can completely change the look of your kitchen. Choose anything from blue to green to chrome, explore different colour palettes and schemes to make it a happening corner. Let the ideas brew there over some innovative tidbits or sumptuous meal. But always add white or neutral colours in the corners to complement the colour scheme.

3. Add Space with Pull-out Cabinets

Pull-out cabinets and corner cabinets are a great way to use space to their optimum potential. These are fairly cheap and can help you in having your kitchen stuff organized. You can put your utensils, plates, cups, and bowls inside. The kitchen would look tidy and spacious once you place everything inside the cabinets. If you specifically look at an Indian home, this can be deemed as a great home renovation idea on a budget.