Powersports Lifetime Battery Insurance and Coverage for Stolen Battery

People have in mind whether a stolen battery is covered under comprehensive lifetime battery insurance. The answer is ‘yes.’ Auto insurance may cover the car battery too, which you need to double-check with the insurer too if you are doubtful about the same. In fact, if you do not have comprehensive battery coverage, you may be solely responsible for replacing the stolen battery on your own. We will discuss the stolen car battery scenario in detail before which let us have a quick overview of the lifetime battery insurance.

The dealers now try to create a better opportunity to grow their sales and customer relationship through powersports lifetime battery insurance, whichhelps increase their F&I profit and increase sales of batteries. For vehicle owners, lifetime battery insurance offers peace of mind about the most vulnerable component of their vehicle. Many providers tend to use it as a retention program to increase customer loyalty. This comprehensive lifetime battery insurance also covers theft of battery if it cannot be recovered.

Car battery stealth

A car battery is an easy target for the thieves as they get easy access to it as soon as they open the hood and easily be removed. This is why it is a quite common target for thieves, and of course, batteries have good resale value. For many owners, the stolen car battery is a hassle. Further, we will discuss a few tips to prevent battery theft.

  • Get a lockbox for battery – You can keep your battery locked under the hood with this. Installing a lock will prevent thieves from getting easy access to the battery. You can also think of a hood lock, which will prevent any unauthorized access under the hood.
  • Fixing an alarm – You can get small and inexpensive alarms to be placed under the hood so that if someone tries to open it, the alarm goes on. The sound of the alarm may at least scare thieves away, even if it does not alert you from a distance.
  • Be mindful about your parking spot – If you find your parking destination, you may try to find a spot that may make it so challenging for someone to open the hood without being noticed by anyone. It is also a good idea if you can leave your vehicle at a place where there is camera surveillance.

Once a theft happens, and you find it unrecoverable, then you may make a claim under your comprehensive insurance. You can make use of your lifetime battery insurance or a comprehensive vehicle insurance cover to claim for the same. However, you need to assess and determine the cost of a new battery and get a quote at the first point.

You may go through the terms and conditions of powersports lifetime battery insurance toidentify how it works for you in case of battery theft or damage. You can also talk to the insurance service agent to understand the claim procedures in case of a battery replacement need or to purchase a new one in case of theft.