Movies Download – Where to Find Free Movies Online

Downloading movies is an ideal way to enjoy watching the latest releases on-the-go. From quick watch films like Action Rogue or Pirates of the Caribbean: Vengeance is on us to more complex fare like The Hobbit Trilogy or even new releases like Avatar: it’s all available and waiting just for you.

There are various free websites like Moviesda you can use to download movies for offline viewing. These don’t require registration or credit card details, although they may display advertisements.

Public Domain Torrents

Torrents provide an efficient, speedy, and spyware-free method of downloading large files quickly. Their peer-to-peer network enables users to access information from multiple servers simultaneously.

However, using these methods to violate copyright can be risky. Anti-piracy forces often target torrents due to their popularity; anti-piracy forces can quickly identify your IP address through them and take necessary measures against you.

An alternative method would be to utilize a streaming service instead. With streaming video directly transmitted from websites to devices, anti-piracy forces may find it harder to track you.


SonyLiv is an entertainment streaming service offering an expansive library of content such as movies and television shows, live sports events, original shows, original programming from artists, original videos created exclusively for SonyLiv and more.

Downloading and browsing are free, though subscription plans allow users to bypass advertisements and view exclusive content. Unfortunately, due to geo-restrictions, this content cannot be accessed outside India.

By using a VPN, SonyLiv’s geo-restrictions can be overcome easily. A VPN replaces your real IP address with an Indian one so websites such as SonyLiv believe you’re located there and allow access to their content.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online offers an excellent resource for free classic movies. Their selection includes silent films and classic television series.

This site also features an impressive library of cult movies, documentaries, shorts and other media; providing film students and enthusiasts alike with an invaluable resource.

Open Culture offers a great selection of public domain movies that are available free of charge – over 1,150 carefully handpicked titles ranging from classic gangster films to Hitchcock horror flicks and much more can be found.


Retrovision is a free movie download site offering classic movies and television series to subscribers, including Adventure, Comedy, Classic TV shows (Cartoons), Crime drama Horror Sci Fi War content.

Website is designed to make searching for desired movies easier for visitors and features Genre menu so they can filter results based on individual taste and preferences.

Classic UHF offers mobile users another great feature when searching for classic movies to download – an Android app called Classic UHF allows them to watch films on the go! As such, Classic UHF stands as one of the premier movie websites for those searching for classic films to stream or download.

Internet Archive’s Movies

Internet Archive was established in 1996 as an American digital library to provide access to collections of digitized content such as websites, applications/games, books, music albums and movies for free download and streaming online. Furthermore, this activist organization advocates for an open Internet.

The Internet Archive’s Moving Image Archive features thousands of classic movies and video clips available for free download, from newsreels to amateur and home movies.

Filtering options on this site allow you to search titles according to hundreds of topics/subjects, collections, creators, years and languages – including special collections such as Trump Archive, Fact Check Archive and US Congress.