Look at the Major Aspects of Eliminate Perfection at Work

Do you focus on the best strategy to eliminate work-relevant perfectionism? Do you look at possible methods to break free from perfectionism? Of course, you can read #BecomingFlawesome for a fulfilling life. Perfectionism hampers a person’s ability to attain goals. 

If you are a busy professional, you must recognize that perfection disrupts overall success and productivity. The book helps you understand the ideal strategy to transform your approach to work and enhance the output.

Through the book, you can realize the concept of perfectionism at work and possible solutions to break free from perfection. People become well-equipped to maintain expectations, reach success and enhance productivity in their personal life. 

Overcoming perfection needs the willingness to let go of unattainable expectations and embrace imperfection. You must pay attention to essential things to accept imperfection and practice self-compassion. 

Identify perfectionistic traits:

 Once you start the journey of eliminating perfection at work, you can find perfectionistic behavior and think. You must observe when you set idealistic expectations for yourself and others. In this way, people focus on underlying beliefs and fear that affect behavior.

  • The book enables you to keep track of everything in proper order.
  • The book covers the possible approach to tracking the action and thought.
  • It is the best method to spot the pattern and find triggers.
  • People may approach such a process with the self-compassion compared to the self-judgment.

Set the achievable goal:

If you set achievable goals, you must develop a roadmap that supports the personal goals, timelines, and capability. Kristina-Mand Lakhiani suggests everyone read the books and unlock the potential to meet goals quickly. It is a great practice to break down goals into smaller ones and avoid the frustration and overwhelm. You may also celebrate the achievement with a journey and highlight the progress over perfection. Such an approach can manage people to be resilient and motivated. 

Perform the self-compassion:

Perfectionists can drop into the trap of self-criticism. People wish to integrate the self-forgiveness and self-compassion to be reminiscent of themselves. It engages people to make the mistake naturally and never achieve the perfection. You can talk to yourself like a friend with empathy and kindness. Read Becoming Flawesome and get advice from Kristin for practicing the self-compassion. Stress-relieving activities include exercise, meditation, and creative hobbies that are responsible for the self-love. So, you can spend time engaging in certain activities and eradicate perfection.