King Von Rapper: Fearless Attitude & Performer!

King Von, a Chicago rapper with real star power, has the potential to be great. His skill as a lyricist who tells stories – something not seen in hip-hop for some time – will be an asset in the industry.

Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, Von was well-versed in the drill music genre that took off in the early 2010s. Additionally, his childhood friendship with fellow MC Lil Durk served as motivation to pursue his craft seriously.

Fearless Attitude

King Von was one of rap’s most fearless rappers, not afraid to make bold statements and take risks onstage. His provocative lyrics often served as the focal point of his performances, always providing fans with an entertaining show.

Despite his fearlessness, the king was not without his share of mishaps; thus his untimely passing came as a shock to those close to him and his friends and fans on January 15th. Leaving behind two children and an impressive music catalog behind, Von only had one project out at the time of his passing but his management team plans on displaying some of his music for select recipients as well as setting up trust funds for his children.

In the grand scheme of things, King’s most remarkable accomplishment was undoubtedly his debut mixtape, Grandson, Vol. 1. Securing a spot among our top ten mixtapes of the year list, this album serves as proof of how talented and determined two-time Only the Family signee can be.

Great Performer

King Von was an up-and-coming rapper from Chicago’s gang scene. He earned notoriety for his gritty storytelling and powerful vocal range.

After spending most of his adolescence in and out of prison, he began rapping in 2018. This caught the attention of Lil Durk who signed him to Only The Family Records.

His hit single “Crazy Story” went on to become a worldwide sensation, garnering over 50 million views on YouTube. Subsequently, the rapper released Grandson, Vol. 1 from his mixtape collection which peaked at No. 8 on Billboard Hot 200 chart.

Von was an incredible performer who never let anything stand in his way. He would travel back to Chicago’s Southside neighborhood, giving away generous sums of money to those in need. Additionally, Von collaborated with other artists such as Lil Durk and Polo G.

Talented Writer

King Von’s writing ability allowed him to craft stories that people could connect with. He skillfully depicted both violent street antics and more intimate introspective issues.

He was able to give his audiences a poignant perspective of life in Chicago’s hoods. Additionally, he displayed exceptional talent when it came to crafting lyrics.

His writing style is unmistakably his own, setting him apart from other rappers. His songs featured both intense street antics and more vulnerable introspective topics like love or mental health.

King Von death body shocked the hip-hop world. He had been hailed as an exciting young artist who was set for great things in 2014.

Influenced by Lil Durk

King von, a longtime collaborator and Chicago rapper who passed away recently, had an immense impact on Lil Durk. They collaborated on several tracks together and also had many informal get-togethers.

It was no shock that Durk grew to love his twin brother and treated him like a family member. He affectionately referred to him as his baby bro, while also calling him their twin due to their shared interests in music and lifestyles.

Eventually, they became close and she would assist him with her projects. Ultimately, both went to jail together for serious crimes.

While in prison, he would give away money that he made from selling drugs to kids who were struggling financially. Through this act of kindness, he got to know many children in his neighborhood and helped them build their lives again.

He may have moved to Atlanta now, but he still misses his hometown. He still visits his street occasionally and gives money to those in need.