How to Skyrocket Your Direct Mail ROI Using Informed Delivery

Today, millions of people can get mail notifications with this service – which is available free of cost! 

The Informed Delivery service provides personal PO boxes and residing audiences a digital preview of what’s about to come in their mailbox. 

It also gives business owners an opportunity to engage with prospects and audiences. They can attach their direct mail items with Informed Delivery interactive campaigns while also providing users with a digital preview. 

Therefore, this USPS-informed delivery service is beneficial for both users and businesses. But how can you use it to skyrocket your direct mail ROI? 

Keep reading to know more. 

How Informed Delivery Helps Businesses Boost their ROI? 

Informed Delivery helps businesses add a digital touchpoint for their direct mail campaigns. 

Here are some ways in which informed delivery can be helpful to improve your campaign ROI: 

  • Increase customer engagement by bringing multiple responses from the same mailpiece. 
  • Convince prospects to read your mail by providing them with interactive content, discount offers, coupons, etc. 
  • Use physical addresses to reach out to people online. Informed delivery can help you reach out to people with whom you can’t connect digitally. 
  • It also enables you to target new markets and connect with potential customers. 

Tips for Business Mailers to Use Informed Delivery for Marketing 

Mailers plan a direct mail marketing campaign to take advantage of the US Postal Service Informed Delivery in many ways. They can create a multi-channel marketing campaign using offline products and online call-to-action. 

But Informed Delivery for businesses works differently. Companies can add ZIP codes or customer-dense neighborhoods as per their choice, enabling the people residing at these places to receive marketing emails. 

Using these promotional updates, businesses can easily grab the attention of the audience and boost responses. USPS asks the commercial mailers to look for the guidelines mentioned and plan a campaign that fits all the prerequisites. 

Here are some tips to help you launch a successful USPS mail Informed Delivery campaign: 

  1. Use a catchy headline: 

An interactive campaign doesn’t leave much space to add a message. So, focus on your headlines and check whether they are up to these questions: 

  • Does your headline capture the interest of the reader? 
  • Does it leave an emotion or create a need? 
  • Is your heading powerful enough that makes the reader think? 
  • Does it include influential words? 
  • Is it short, crisp, and attention-grabbing? 

It is better to use headlines with seven words maximum. Use short words that the recipient can remember easily. 

  1. Include exciting images: 

Use images that describe your message and make viewers complete the call to action. Avoid using stock pictures as it can make your prospective reader question authenticity. 

Try to add real-life images of your company or customers to make people relate to what you have to offer. 

You can also use pictures of your products or services to create better impressions and convince the audience to make a purchase. Don’t forget to follow the USPS image guidelines and restrictions to avoid any issue that can delay your campaign. 

  1. Pay attention to the colours: 

Your USPS Informed Delivery recipients may only receive the grayscale pictures of your packages or letters. Focus on your artwork colours to create an interactive and exciting contrast and make your message appear. 

Most companies prefer colour from their company’s logo for a mail campaign. For example Red, black, and blue or Pepsi or Green and Red for Gucci. It helps them improve brand recall rates and increase their return on marketing investment. 

Try using bright colours that best present your heading and CTAs. You can also change your palette style according to the campaign timing. For instance, if you want to send holiday postcards, pair them with an interactive campaign that features images of your products in different themed colours. 

  1. Employ effective CTAs: 

Add links to your website or social media to your Informed Delivery by USPS campaigns. It allows you to guide your prospects on how to contact them. 

Ensure your CTA is straightforward and upfront, helping you to get the maximum responses. Here are some examples: 

  • Visit your website to explore more offers 
  • Scan the QR code to unlock a flat 10% discount code.
  • Call us at [contact] to get in touch with your representative. 
  1. Add compelling offers 

You can include your promotional offers in the artwork of your informed delivery interactive campaign. It is the best way for readers to read your proposal and decide if they want to give your brand a go. 

Try to include offers that excite your audience and provide value to your campaign, such as: 

  • Get a 30% off on buying today. 
  • Visit our store for more collections and get a 10% off. 
  • Click on the link to receive 100 redeemable points. 
  • Sign up today for 50% cashback on your first order. 

These offers will help your business stand out from your competitors and increase responses. Remember that audiences get promotional mail from several brands, so be creative to make them notice your brand. 

  1. Set an Appealing Display Name and Campaign Title 

Businesses can add company or brand names in the display name field. It tells customers where the message is from, enabling them to take a clear decision. 

Add a name that prospects can remember and recall later. Some companies make the mistake of adding their official company’s name in the direct mail piece, which affects their USPS Informed Delivery Mail for Business campaign. 

Also, set an engaging title that’s also visible to your Informed Delivery message readers. It summarises the purpose of your marketing program in fewer words and provides them with a gist of the content in the mail. You can use your offer as your title to come up with a unique name.

Final Thoughts 

Informed Delivery is a beneficial USPS service that helps users to stay updated with their upcoming mail items. It enables them to send their mail on a specific date and time according to the recipient’s availability. 

Some automation tools are there that businesses can use for Informed Delivery. It allows them to create, print, and mail their marketing products without any effort. Additionally, you can also tie these items to your digital marketing campaigns using the USPS campaign. 

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