How to handle deficiency of growth hormone for kids?

For those who have not seen hormonal misbalance in kids before, please do not panic or be worried. Deficiency of growth hormone for kids is very common these days. Yes, by not worrying, it does not mean that one should not be careful regarding this carelessness may further give rise to other issues which can be demanding a lot of concern. So, here we will see the ways to handle it. But, we should never be jumping for the topic directly, so here also we will first of all look into some basic information regarding the same, and then we will move further and see what the topic demands. 

What is a growth hormone?

Defining it in simple words, we can say that it is a substance in the body that helps kids in growth and development. There is a small gland situated between the brain lobes, which are known as the pituitary gland. It is through this that this growth hormone is produced and secreted. 

Now that we know the basics of this substance, generally known as GH, we shall further move to the discussion of deficiency of growth hormone for kids. Further, in this blog, we will see all the aspects associated with the deficiency. Also, after reading the guide carefully, the readers will be able to understand the exact way of dealing with this sort of health issue. 

How to define deficiency of growth hormone?

In order to define deficiency of growth hormone for kids, we can say that it is a situation that occurs when the pituitary gland is not able to produce the hormone for growth in the child. This problem can come up at any age. Also, this has nothing to do with the IQ levels of the child. Mostly the deficiency of this hormone in kids results in issues related to their height and other physical problems that can come up due to slow, less, or no growth at all. 

What is the possible reason for growth hormone deficiency for kids?

If there is some problem with the production and working of the growth hormone for kids, then this can be because of some damage to the pituitary gland. This issue can also be because of some issues with the hypothalamus gland. This damage can be there in the child since birth, or it can be during the birth or after the birth. 

Other than this, the problem of growth hormone deficiency can be a genetic syndrome. Now further we will see more regarding the deficiency of the growth hormone. We will see who kids are more prone to this sort of situation.  

The kids who will be always more prone to growth hormone deficiency are as follows-

  • Those who suffered some injury in the brain
  • Tumor in the brain
  • Radiation treatment is ever given to the head

Identifying symptoms for growth hormone deficiency in the kids-

Well, it is very essential for the parents or the guardians to be able to identify the problem of deficiency of growth hormone for kids. Only after identifying it, they will be able to put their child on the right treatment at the right time. 

The symptoms that may indicate a deficiency of growth hormone in the child are as follows- 

  • The young-looking face 
  • Heavy body build-up
  • Inability to grow hair 
  • Delayed puberty hitting 

If you see any of the written symptoms in your child, then it will be best for you to take him or her and consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will further help you with a proper diagnosis. It is not necessary that the issue is with the insufficient production of growth hormone for kids. These symptoms may come up in them due to some other problem. 

What are ways to diagnose growth hormone deficiency in the child?

  • Normal some variations in the growth process
  • The problem can be a kidney-related issue, or it can be the problem of deficient thyroid hormone
  • Genetic conditions

The physician or the child specialist whom you will visit will ask you some general questions regarding the symptoms of the child health-related family history. A physical exam will also be conducted on the kid. The testing and the process of checking the growth of the child will get on for months on a regular basis. 

Other than all of this, there are some more medical tests that the doctor may get done for more surety and clarity. 

Those necessary tests are listed below- 

  • Blood Tests– In the case of the blood test that is done for checking the levels of growth hormones for kids; it is usually done after providing the child with some medicated substances, which are known for increasing the growth hormone levels. 
  • X-Ray– In this procedure, a small amount of radiation is used for making images of the tissues which are there inside the body. Generally, an x-ray is done for the left hand and wrist. This helps in identifying the age of the bones of the child. When there is a delay in puberty, or there are hormonal issues, then the bone age is mostly less than the calendar age of the child. 
  • CT scan– In this, there will be a detailed image of the body made. In the report coming out after a CT scan, you will be able to see a proper picture of bones, muscles, fats, and organs.

On the basis of all of this, you will be able to get a proper diagnosis if there is a deficiency of growth hormone in your child or not. Before jumping to any conclusion it is necessary for you to get the diagnosis done properly.

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Conclusion – 

Hereafter all you need to do is move ahead as per the guidelines provided by the physician. Under his or her guidance, you will be able to provide just the right treatment, and things will be under your control. Your child will be very well recovering through the deficiency. All you need to fight against this is the right diagnosis and further proper guidance.