How to combine a dirndl dress? – A step-by-step guide for beginners

A dirndl dress has emerged as a vogue fashion trend in recent years. However, it can be overwhelming for beginners. You can’t pull off dirndl dresses with perfection if you aren’t familiar with its way of styling. 

A dirndl has come a very long way. It was not what it used to be. As the latest is ever evolving, so are the dirndls. 

The following article will cover the key aspects of a dirndl and how you can glamorize it per your requirements.

What do you need to know before purchasing a dirndl dress?

A dirndl dress has received love from all over the world for all the right reasons. The sense of satisfaction and custom-made features it provides are hard to find in any other dress. 

You can wear it as a casual or party dress. And in both ways, you’ll be delighted and pleased with your looks.

Before we jump into how we can combine it, let’s first understand it briefly.

Traditional aspect

A dirndl was first introduced by women of Bavaria and Austria as a ‘maid’s uniform’ in the 19th century. It has little to very few details on it. Moreover, it was considered the most modest and respectable dress for women. As years passed, it was widely adopted by other women as well. You can choose to wear a dirndl to perform everyday tasks, that is why it is best-suited for women inside and outside the house. 

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Parts of dirndls

A dirndl consists of layers of clothes. It has a classic touch which makes it more appealing and comfortable. You can never get tired of appreciating its simplicity and beauty. Layers of clothes make it even more interesting and desirable for women living in cold places. A dirndl consists of three parts:

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  • A blouse
  • A long/short length skirt
  • An apron

All these layers, well combined, make up beautiful dirndls.

Types of dirndls

Previously a dirndl had only one style. It had fewer fabric options and traditional colors. It had three traditional colors: black, blue, and soft pink. But today you can have it in any color of your choice. 

Moreover, there are types of dirndls you should be aware of before purchasing. 

  • Vintage dirndl
  • Traditional dirndl
  • Bridesmaids dirndl
  • Oktoberfest dirndl

These are the most popular types of dirndl available today. Nonetheless, you can have a tailored version and wear it whenever you want.

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How to join dirndl dresses appropriately?

Follow the guide to get the desired results.

Step1: put on your blouse

First and foremost, pick the blouse according to your size. Closely examine the size chart before buying it. After wearing it, adjust it by pulling the string in the middle. If you have bought a v-neckline blouse, double-check whether it’s perfectly adjusted or not. However, if you do v-neckline blouses, you can wear high-neck blouses. A dirndl blouse is available in white or black color. Choose as per your dress color.

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Step 2: slide in the dress

Once your dirndl blouse is adjusted, slide in your dirndl dress. Again check the size chart and match it with your measurements. A dirndl is meant to be perfectly adjusted with a body. 

Step 3: lace up your bodice

Neatly lace-up bodice with ribbon or chain if it has any.

Step 4: wear an apron

Color contrast to wear the same color apron as your dress. However, you can have a variety of options for aprons. It can be printed, checkered, striped, or two-toned fabrics. 

Step 5: wear dirndl bow accurately

A dirndl bow has great significance. And for a beginner, it’s important to know where you should tie it as it has meaning for each side.

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  • Left-tied

If a woman has tied her bow at the left, she is single and looking for a partner.

  • Right tied

If a woman tied her bow on the right side, she is avoiding men in the crowd as she is committed or in a relationship.

  • Back tied

Usually, you’ll see window or waitress tie bows at the back of dirndl dresses.

  • Middle tied

Young teens and girls can be seen wearing a bow in the middle.

Where to get the best dirndl dress deals?

A dirndl is widely available in-stores and online. However, if you can’t buy it physically, you can always get it with a tap. Regarding online shopping, beware of scam sites. Only opt for authentic and reputable stores with trusted customers.

If you want one authentic store to purchase dirndl dresses, visit the Dirndl Online Shop. You can have a variety of dirndl dresses at the most affordable price here. What makes them trustworthy is their secure payment gateways and money-back guarantee. Moreover, you can have timely deliveries and can offer amazing discounts on purchasing two or more dirndls. Place your order now to get the best dirndl deals.

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