Don Lemon Fired From CNN

CNN anchor Don Lemon was fired Monday following accusations of making sexist comments and mistreating female coworkers, marking another high-profile departure from US news networks within just two weeks.

Due to outrage over Lemon’s remarks about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s “past her prime” comment, CNN head Chris Licht announced last month that Lemon would receive formal training.


After eight years as a popular primetime anchor, Lemon was moved to CNN’s new morning show as co-host last November and soon made several on-air mistakes, according to sources. As part of his struggle for adaptation he also displayed signs of inconsistencies on-air that proved embarrassing at times for viewers and was an effort in itself.

Don Lemon Net Worth had long been an ally of former CNN president, Jeff Zucker, relying on his charm to win over potential adversaries. Often speaking freely about past lawsuits he filed such as his 2005 racial profiling case against Chicago Police Department or 2001 Tower Records lawsuit (wherein he won $3 Million award), Lemon also often openly discussed these experiences in conversation.

However, following Jeff Zucker’s departure, Lemon began to lose his way and neglect important stories from Black communities, according to colleagues. Additionally, his commentary towards women became more divisive, sometimes making his on-air comments appear tone deaf and out of place.

Chris Licht, after becoming CEO of CNN in 2022, decided to move Lemon into hosting “CNN This Morning” alongside Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins – which proved a risky programming move but has proven its worth by way of increased viewership ratings.


Lemon has served as both weekend anchor and general assignment reporter for NBC5 and NBC News, in addition to serving as correspondent at both WCAU-TV in Philadelphia and KTVI-TV in St Louis.

He holds a degree in broadcast journalism from Brooklyn College, where he currently teaches adjunctly. He has reported on African AIDS, Hurricane Katrina and Chicago real estate markets and won three Emmy awards as an Emmy award recipient.

Lemon was sexually abused as a youth by a neighbor; when he turned thirty-three he decided to tell his mother.

One year later, he came out as gay but struggled with reconciling this change with his work life.

Lemon has also become a vocal advocate for blacks through his media career, encouraging them to “pull up your pants”, stop using derogatory terms such as the N word and drop trash in their neighborhoods without resorting to violence and instead receive an education.

Lemon has long been a polarizing figure on TV, as his views on black communities have drawn considerable ire from individuals like Russell Simmons. Yet Lemon remains an intelligent journalist destined for success on air.


Lemon is an American television journalist best known for hosting CNN Tonight and weekend news shows at local stations in Alabama and Pennsylvania before joining CNN.

His net worth reportedly exceeds $17 Million dollars, consisting of 15 real estate properties, 7 cars and three luxury yachts.

He possesses an enormous cash reserve of more than $30 Million.

Lemon first worked for NBC as a news correspondent, covering their Today, Nightly News programs as well as MSNBC. Before becoming a host of CNN, he would cover these news programs.

His accomplishments as a reporter and anchor earned him numerous honors, such as the Edward R. Murrow Award and three Emmy Awards.

Lemon has caused much contention as an anchor. He is often outspoken when expressing his opinions and has at times offended some by being offensive in their delivery of information. Additionally, he has earned himself some notoriety by making certain remarks regarding President of the United States Donald Trump.


Don Lemon, best known for his work at CNN and hosting “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon”, conducts insightful interviews on news events and political issues that come his way.

After initially starting his career as a reporter and anchor at various local stations in Alabama and Pennsylvania, he quickly rose through the ranks at CNN before eventually becoming one of its flagship anchors in 2006.

He has led coverage of numerous major news events for CNN, such as the 2016 U.S. presidential election and Black Lives Matter movement. Additionally, he is widely recognized for raising awareness on sexual abuse within America’s borders and has amassed significant wealth through his work as a journalist and media personality.