Despite Inflation America’s Online Dollar Store is Offering Lower Prices

Illinois, April 11, 2022, Dollar Fanatic LLC, the owner and operator of the exclusive online dollar store “” aka “”, claims they will continue to sell everything for only $.50 to $5.00 each regardless of the real impact of inflation despite most of its online and offline competition raising their prices.

The online dollar store is a combination of a traditional dollar store and an extreme discount outlet store. Their inventory changes very often, however, you will usually find a selection of personal care, cosmetics, activity books, school supplies, office supplies, ppe, snacks, tools & hardware, party supplies, etc., all for just $.50 to $5.00 which equates to up to 75% Off Retail. One of the top goals of Dollar Fanatic LLC is on average to provide the best-delivered prices regardless of the current high inflation and supply chain issues.

Pierre the founder of Dollar Fanatic LLC said, “Sometimes it’s easy to just focus on the company and how current conditions impact us and ignore our customers; however, in the real world you need to think about both sides. If we’re having a hard time with inflation, that means our customers are most likely having a bigger problem. While inflation mostly impacts small to mid-sized companies who usually need to pass on the increases in cost to maintain their businesses, you also have an environment right now where some larger companies are using this opportunity to take advantage of consumers. It’s kind of like gas prices, the prices go up before the company actually has to pay more for their supply, and the prices never seem to come down as much as it should or as quickly as it should. To make a long story short, if you’re a small or mid-sized company and you don’t at least try to take care of your customers, you won’t be in business much longer.” It seems like Pierre is trying to put a positive spin on an issue that is seriously impacting most companies and consumers.

Dollar Fanatic LLC., aka remains dedicated to providing quality products that satisfy the needs of its customers by absorbing some higher inflation costs and cutting administrative costs internally. They assume this will keep their pricing structure in place while still providing inexpensive Shipping on small orders or Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more. Only time will tell if Dollar Fanatic LLC will be able to stick to its plan or not. However, in the meantime, you can find more information about Dollar Fanatic LLC America’s Exclusively Online Dollar Store at
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