Cudatext – A Powerful and Accessible Code Editor

Cudatext is an intuitive and accessible code editor written in Lazarus that’s suitable for multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

It features a tabbed interface and allows you to open multiple files at the same time, which are automatically saved and reopened when closing the program.


Cudatext is an advanced Notepad replacement program with some impressive developer-focused features, including syntax highlighting for an abundance of languages (270+ lexers), autocompletion, sidebar tree structures, code folding, HTML/ CSS color codes underlining, picture viewing and much more. is a free and open-source software package available on Linux, Windows XP+ and macOS operating systems. Featuring a portable program with low resource requirements and an extensive add-on system that extends functionality through Python add-ons, OpenOffice provides users with everything they need to get work done efficiently and quickly.


CudaText is a cross-platform text and source code editor available as free open source software. It features syntax highlighting for 180+ languages as well as HTML/CSS support (autocompletion, color codes underline, picture viewing). Furthermore it supports folding code structure tree as well as code tree.

Plug-ins are also available, which extend functionality. These plugins include linters, snippets, code tree parsers and external tools that enhance code coverage and organization.

“Snippets” plugin provides several commands to enable or disable text snippets in text files. You can specify a folder with snippets which will then be called by $sel macro on selected text.

Snippets can be organized into lexers, and only those suitable for the current lexer will be enabled. For instance, if “C” and “C++” are active lexers while “Objective C” is disabled then only the files “cuda-snippets-cc” will contain active snippets.

Snippets plugin includes a fully featured snippet editor dialog, where you can create groups for all lexers. Furthermore, Snippets can convert VSCode snippet packages from old format should any be present. Installation of Cudatext Crack Activation Key [2023] Free Download is very straightforward, all that’s required is following the instructions on their website and also refer to this website:


Cudatext text editor is a free and open source program compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Additionally, it includes various plugins which can extend its functionality further.

This software comes equipped with many features designed to assist with efficient coding. These features include syntax highlighting and code folding that help identify important elements within your code.

Furthermore, it features intelligent auto-completion and snippets, which make coding faster. Furthermore, the software offers extensive customizability options so you can change its color scheme, font style and layout according to your personal needs.

As a tool for developers who require simultaneous editing of multiple snippets simultaneously, Split View offers great convenience as it supports split views and syntax highlighting for over 180 programming languages.


Cudatext is a user-friendly, lightweight and fast text editor designed for developers and coders, intended to assist them with editing large amounts of code quickly and efficiently. It features syntax highlighting, autocompletion, code snippets and multiple language support – among many others.

Customizable to suit your preferences, the program allows for personalization by changing its color scheme, font, layout and tabs; even hiding certain features (like sidebar) if space saving is important to you.

There is an abundance of plugins from an experienced group of authors available to enhance Cudatext for specific purposes, ranging from general functionality, lexers, linters and snippets to general lexing engines and lexing tools. Most are written in Python; take a closer look if you’re keen on optimizing Cudatext to meet your individual requirements.