Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock is an extremely gifted singer-songwriter-dancer-model as well as social media influencer.

She hails from Baltimore, Maryland in the United States; her date of birth was March 14th 2000.

She boasts a net worth of $2 Million. She amasses her fortune through singing, modeling, and YouTube channels.

Born in Baltimore

Chrisean Rock was born in Baltimore, Maryland and currently resides there. She specializes in singing, modelling and dancing.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth holds American nationality and Christianity is her faith of choice, her zodiac sign being Pisces.

Her family includes Eugene and Charla Malone as her parents and eleven siblings.

As a child, she endured many difficulties; her father was in prison for an extended period while her mother battled addiction issues.

However, she managed to overcome these hardships and become an accomplished musician. Additionally, she also began modeling and working with different fashion brands before eventually settling down in Los Angeles, California in United States.

She is a singer

Chrisean Rock is an esteemed American singer known for her outstanding music and lifestyle content on social media.

After graduating high school, she started her singing career by releasing singles and music videos such as Vibe, Word to my brother, Lonely Rainy Days, among many others.

She reportedly has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. As an accomplished singer and renowned YouTube and Instagram influencer, she boasts an enormous fan base.

She is a model

Chrisean Rock is an American model and singer best known for appearing on television programs and music videos, as well as acting as brand ambassador for clothing lines such as Ethika and Fashion Nova.

Her modeling career started when she was still young, and has grown substantially ever since – currently, she ranks among the most sought-after models online.

She is known for her Instagram account, where she posts lifestyle vlogs and modeling photoshoots. Her presence online has amassed her a large following and generated significant earnings through her career.

She is a YouTube star

Chrisean Rock is a social media influencer best known for her music videos and vlogs on YouTube, having made millions through this platform.

She hosts her own YouTube channel where she uploads lifestyle vlogs and music videos; additionally she enjoys an extensive fan base on Instagram.

She hails from Baltimore, Maryland and boasts an immense social media following with songs such as Vibe, Word to my Brother, Lonely Days and Rainy Days generating much recognition online.

She is a fashionista

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She has a lot of tattoos

Chrisean Rock has amassed quite the collection of tattoos, but recently added one more to her body mural collection – Blueface’s face and name all over it!

TikTok video shared by her, she showcased her new ink featuring both his first name and face portrait.

She now boasts seven tattoos dedicated to Blueface.

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