Celebrity Biography – Nick Lachey

At the turn of the 1990s, boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC revolutionized popular music. Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees was one such boy band and went on to marry fellow pop star Jessica Simpson; together they had three children.

Recently, Nick Lachey Net Worth made comments that drew ire from Simpson and hinted that marriage could always be better the second time around. This prompted Lachey to respond that marriage can “always be better the second time.”

American singer

Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC were at the height of their popularity during the 90s, while Nick Lachey made waves as lead singer of 98 Degrees on MTV. Lachey began his singing career by joining this early 1990s boy band which ultimately sold over 10 million albums; later he also appeared on Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson before their split occurred in 2005.

Lachey is now married to television personality Vanessa Minnillo and they share two children, Camden and Brooklyn. Lachey is part-owner of Hollywood Fame basketball team; has hosted NBC’s The Sing-Off and VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live shows, co-hosted Netflix shows Love Is Blind and Ultimatum along with Vanessa; they enjoy Skyline chili, steak and pizza as well as barbeques as well as playing basketball and football together.

Television personality

Nicholas Scott Lachey of Harlan, Kentucky boasts an impressive resume. As lead singer of 98 Degrees (which sold over 10 million albums), he achieved global renown. Additionally, Lachey appeared with first wife Jessica Simpson before their split occurred in 2005.

Nick Lachey is not only known as an engaging television show host but is also passionate about sports, serving on the Entertainment Council of Feeding America as well as being part-owner of Tacoma Rainiers – Seattle Mariners Triple A affiliate team.

Lachey is married with three children: Camden (10) Brooklyn (8) and Phoenix (6). Since 2006 he has been in a relationship with Vanessa Minnillo; together they co-host Netflix reality shows Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum as well as hosting NBC’s Sing-Off competition and VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live as well as Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family competitions.


Lachey has always had a keen interest in innovation and business ventures, and a firm belief in their power to transform lives. Utilizing his musical passion as the driving force of innovation, he has founded numerous ventures from music-inspired products to serving on Feeding America’s Entertainment Council as well as being part-owner of Tacoma Rainiers (Seattle Mariners Triple A affiliate) to Skyline Chili, steak and pizza – as well as enjoying Starbucks sugar-free vanilla lattes – among many other ventures he ventured into.

Hosted NBC’s The Sing-Off; co-hosted VH1.com’s Big Morning Buzz Live from 2014-15; currently hosting Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family as well as 2020 Netflix reality dating show Love is Blind with wife Vanessa; an unrivalled power!