How simulated attacks on the forensic watermarks of OTT video content aid in the fight against piracy

simulated attacks on the forensic watermarks of OTT video content

With the growth of 4K and UHD OTT and VoD content, forensic watermarking has become a critical tool. It provides content creators and distributors with a powerful security suite capable of mitigating a wide variety of piracy methods, including simulated attacks on watermarks. While DRM protected content does provide some amount of protection, watermarking technology … Read more

Future of Artificial Intelligence Course in Australia

artificial intelligence course

As the demand for artificial intelligence course increases, the number of college students enrolling in artificial intelligence course in Australia is on the rise. There are different undergraduate options for each AI course option. The rapidly growing technology sector needs knowledgeable professionals in this field. If you are new to this course or want to … Read more

What Do I Need to Know About Motherboards?

The motherboard is the most significant component of a computer since it links all of the other components. The motherboard connects and communicates all of the computer’s components, including the CPU, RAM, USB drives, display, keyboard, and mouse. The motherboard is the heart of your computer, and it decides what other components you may use. … Read more

Benefits of Content Writing Profession

No matter what your business happens to be, you need to stay connected with your customers online. You have to keep in touch with them through various channels and by using different content formats. After reading this article, you will be ready to plan content production and create the most popular type of content. In … Read more

Three Steps In Online Transfer Of Funds From Bank To Bank

Three Steps In Online Transfer Of Funds From Bank To Bank

Bank accounts are frequently used to transfer money from one account to another. The payer can issue a check in favor of a beneficiary to transfer the funds. It normally takes three to four days for a check to get credited to the beneficiary’s account. Many banks provide internet banking facilities to their users. This facility can … Read more

How Effective Is Social Media for Communication

fiber internet

Technology is the backbone of the digital ecosystem. It is what keeps driving innovation and creativity to breakthrough in this digital transition. And social media is one such innovation that we can’t forget about. We’re all dependent on social media for various reasons, with entertainment and connectivity being the top two. It’s no less than … Read more