7 Simple Tech Tips You’ll Utilize Consistently

Innovation has turned into a significant piece of our lives. We as a whole are encircled by tech contraptions and high level gadgets.

Numerous representatives are working remotely a result of the Covid circumstance. at the same time can bring a few difficulties connected with innovation.

Certain individuals battle a great deal and invested their energy doing it quite far, which should be possible in a more straightforward manner to save their time.

Google: Save any google picture

If you have any desire to save any picture on google press “Alt” and snap on google picture. It will consequently be saved to your PC.

MS Word

Have you coincidentally shut a word document without saving it? No autosave either? Search “.asd” in the record search under “My PC.” You will track down your archives there. Windows framework has the reinforcement record for you.


Feature every one of the chose words and press shift+F3 to make all covers and lowercase.


To download any youtube video, simply add “ss” to the URL address among “www.” and “youtube”. Your video will be downloaded immediately.


The wifi at air terminals/lodgings costs cash to sign in, you can utilize it by adding “?.jpg” toward the finish of the URL address.

Mozilla Firefox

At the point when you duplicate a few words from the web, use Ctrl+shift+v to glue them. This stunt will assist you with keeping text from designing.


On the off chance that you download a PDF record and you see “.exe” eventually. Kindly erase it, it is an infection.