7 Myths about Having a Long and Happy Life

The word “longevity” is a trending word in the world of health these days and with good reason. Americans especially are obsessed with staying young However, it’s usually those who live in the remote regions of the globe who appear to be in great health and are living to over 100 years old. As Westerners we are eager to learn what they do each day to prolong their lives. The answer lies in being a simple person, making good friends and eating healthy. The following suggestions are taken from people who are 100 years old who discovered the fountain of youth right in their backyard.

Eat Basically

Most centenarians across the world live on moderate standards. This directly impacts their diets, which are primarily plant-based that includes a wide range of whole grains, legumes and vegetables, fruits nuts, seeds and other nuts. Moderate living is eating moderately and occasionally fasting. In general, eating less is a good habit to follow. “Hara hachi bu” is a mantra to Okinawans which means that you should eat until you’re eighty percent full. The old saying “eat like a king in the day and be a poor person by night is a principle that wise people around the globe follow. Try eating a big breakfast, moderate lunch, and a light dinner.

Get Dynamic

Active living is just as vital as having healthy eating habits, however it’s not an rigorous gym workouts we’re used to today. Find something that you like, whether it’s taking your dog for long walks through the park or tending your garden, these kinds of leisure activities with a low intensity can be advantageous in the long run.

Track down Reason

Alongside the habit of eating and moderate exercising, a life reason to live is on very top of list. Centenarians around the world are happy people with a reasons to rise every morning. You should think about the purpose of your life. Create your own mission statement. Another method to keep your curiosity high is to continue learning. Maybe you’d like to study Italian or attend the flamenco course. The key to a long and healthy life is to never lose your curiosity as a child.

Diminish Pressure

While we’re probably not living in a picturesque peaceful town in Sardinia or a lively mountain town in Ecuador however, we do have the ability to make quiet spaces for ourselves and drastically lessen the stress of modern-day life. Yoga and meditation are wonderful methods that can be practiced either in private or group settings. Meditation, deep breathing, ample amounts of drinking water relaxation, sleep and laughter are fantastic methods to reduce stress. Plan time with people and families who are funny or take a break to read a book that stimulates your humorous bone. Writing or painting or simply making an effort to not rush throughout the day are all methods of encouraging relaxation.

Have a Social Network

Being able to build strong emotional bonds to family and friends can protect our lives from depression, isolation and even mental illnesses. For humans, friendship and love are just equally important as water and food. Spend more time establishing connections with your siblings, parents and cousins, grandparents, your coworkers, friends and your neighbors. A village is required ensure a long, happy and healthy life.

Accept Life

Your personal faith and your spirituality are the most powerful elixirs you can find that you can use in your daily life. Faith helps us find inner peace, to accept the world as it is, and accept the gap between expectations and reality.

Butt Out

Smoking marijuana is a surefire path to a morgue. If you do smoke, seek help to quit!