5 Ways AI Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Business

While the industry of eCommerce is growing and becoming lucrative, businesses are facing more competition. Traditional strategies to expand your eCommerce company may not be sufficient. However, using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology could help your business tremendously.

1. Provide A Personalized Customer Experience

Personalization is the act to enhance the customer experience by arranging it around their preferences. It identifies key elements, like products or campaigns that are suited to your customers’ tastes and preferences. They also display the relevant elements to customers as they browse your site or mobile application.

There are a variety of AI tools that could assist you to personalize your shopping experience. For example the use of tools such as Wix ADI or Fast Simon is a great method to assist you in your personalization for eCommerce. These platforms employ AI or ML technology, which allows you to enhance your overall eCommerce development. In turn, customers are able to have a personalised shopping experience online, or browsing for the products or services they are more attracted to.

2. Higher Customer Retention

The process of regaining customers from the past will cost less than acquiring new ones. Old customers can also serve in the role of brand ambassadors to your company that can inform their relatives, friends and other individuals about your products or brand. How do you keep clients for the online company you run? The answer lies using AI technology.

AI will also allow you to determine trends in the market by studying their patterns of shopping. In turn, AI allows you to improve the experience for customers by enhancing the customer experience in two ways. First, as we mentioned earlier, AI technology helps you deliver a customized experience to fulfill the expectations of customers in a more efficient manner.

3. Optimized Customer Support

In a typical brick-and-mortar shop, you’ll be greeted by salespeople often eager to assist you. They assist customers in the aisle and address questions from customers about the products. This type of service isn’t always available on the internet. If it is then it will be expensive.

Customer support needs human interaction that is someone who understands the company and its products/services So, implementing this method can be a struggle for eCommerce businesses. However, this may no longer be the case as you can make use of AI to bring this idea online.

AI chatbots are becoming an integral part of eCommerce sites. This advanced tool can answer questions in the moment from customers about various things. Not only that, they also can understand customer’s needs and suggest their products in line with those needs.

4. Retargeting Your Customers

Retargeting is about informing your audience of your brand or products. Retargeting’s primary objective is to get in touch with customers who have visited or used or visited your eCommerce website. The customers may have purchased products on your website or stopped shopping halfway on their journey.

AI helps you to identify the patterns of behavior of your customers. It can use the data AI collects to comprehend customer expectations and then attract them to ensure they come back to visit your eCommerce store. A great way to retarget your customers is to send push notifications. They offer customers brief information in a way that is engaging. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of reminding customers that there’s a brand new deal or that they’ve abandoned their online shopping halfway.

And not only that, making use of AI to retarget your marketing efforts is very cost-effective. This is because retargeting can help to reduce the cost per impression.

5. Search Merchandising (Smart Search)

A large number of people will go to the search bar when they visit a site. Therefore, these kinds of users are more likely to have a high percentage of conversion than those who simply browse. The issue is that customers may not receive results compatible with what they are looking for. Even if a user uses the correct keywords, there’s an opportunity that the results aren’t relevant.


The robust AI technology is more of a necessity than an option in the current eCommerce market. The hyper-competitiveness and high customer expectations make it difficult to sustain your eCommerce business in the long run.

As a business you must begin to leverage AI technology to stay ahead of your competitors. With artificial intelligence tools that can improve customer experiences while purchasing products on your site.