10 Social media Trends to Watch out for in 2024

Social media will soon become an instrument for customer service

With a rising number of users engaging on social media, companies are now using social media platforms to communicate with their clients. Social media as a tool for customer service is not a new concept, but it is becoming more popular. About a quarter of marketers utilize Direct Messages (DMs) to provide customer service, with 15percent of them preparing to use this at first in the year 2023. Instagram as well as Facebook are growing their e-commerce capabilities and offering customer service on these platforms will be more important.

The growth of streaming live and other video content

It’s not a secret that video was the most popular medium in the market in 2022, and it’s expected that 2023 will be no less. “Video creates a deeper connection with your potential customer base, and it is easy for brands to repurpose video content into podcasts and text-based content,” states Neil Patel CMO and Co-Founder of NP digital. Additionally, the process of creating video content has become easier than ever before. All you require to have is an iPhone and a low-cost editing software.

The live streaming industry is increasing. It allows users to interact with a product and buy it while watching the live stream. Live streaming of public events and gatherings is an excellent way for people located in different locations to view live and in the moment.

Social media is used to give customers a more cohesive experience

Customers are now expecting a personalized customized experience that is tailored to their requirements. Marketers need to understand the unique experiences of the customer to improve customer satisfaction. This means focusing on an overall experience not just a one-time event.

The function of audio in society

As social media platforms are moving towards video-based content services, the role of audio content in social media is changing rapidly. Facebook has recently introduced soundbite response devices, Twitter has voice tweets and Twitter spaces as well as LinkedIn offers audio-based events! It’s time to step up your social strategies with popular audios that will ensure greater participation and more reach.

It’s time to develop a crystal clear Artificial Intelligence strategy

With the emergence of Artificial intelligence (AI) there is a good chance you’re already utilizing it, you but may not have a clear plan to use it. AI can be used to automate specific tasks for example, like writing social media posts, or discovering new channels for advertising. In addition, AI and Machine Learning can collect valuable data about customers and analyze it to build particular customer profiles and segments.

Utilization of User and Employee-Generated Content

Users-generated Content (UGC) or employee-generated content (EGC) refers to the latest word of mouth. It is the creation of original content for specific brands by employees or customers instead of brands. This organic marketing tool makes an immediate connection with actual customers, creating a solid relationship between the brand and its customers, as well as boosting trust.

Augmented Reality to be more popular

We’ve seen the introduction of Augmented reality (AR) in the form of filters within Instagram, Snapchat and recently TikTok platforms and TikTok, with Meta even taking the AR game with the ability users to design filters of their own. The research suggests that filters can double the time to engage with videos, with the amount of apps offering AR expected to grow in the near future. We’ll see the development of AR to allow users to test and discover new features or products from a particular brand.

It’s time to make videos short

As mentioned, the consumption of video is increasing however, it’s the short-form video that we should be looking at in 2023. With the average attention span currently 8.25 seconds, delivering the message in a shorter form is far more efficient. We’ve seen the successes of the new platform TikTok and the current platforms are growing, Instagram with ‘Reels’ and YouTube with “YouTube Shorts”. It is anticipated to be 90% marketers who utilize short-form videos will either increase or continue to invest in the coming year. It’s time to be in tune with the rapid-paced video-watching habits of the online audience!

Social media crisis management is an essential feature

Since information can be spread so quickly on the internet, a minor issue could quickly turn into a disaster when a company doesn’t monitor their social media channels. In the midst of an emergency, consumers want companies that are transparent, honest and swiftly respond. Utilizing social media as a tool to manage crises helps businesses restore the trust and confidence of their customers.

Social media’s use to shop

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began in the year 2000, social media has transformed from a comparatively small shopping site to an economic powerhouse. Customers are now buying via social media features like shopping Instagram posts, and scrolling on social ads without having to go to a third-party website. Facebook Shops feature enables businesses to build a store that includes product listings as well as the ability to let customers add these items to their shopping carts and then purchase the items directly via a separate checkout page. Utilizing social media integrations, such as “Facebook Shops” or “Instagram Checkout will be essential for online retailers in 2023.